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Toys Gifts FAQ

What should I buy as a Christening gift?

If you're looking for the perfect Christening gift, you might want to consider getting them a special keepsake that they'll keep for years. From a soft cuddly toy to an adorable baby picture frame, our range of gifts are made to last a lifetime, and we can even create personalised Christening gifts for an extra special touch. And if you want to take the fuss out of finding the perfect baby gift, our gift boxes are the perfect solution.

How can I encourage learning in play?

In those early months and years you'll want to nurture your little one's curiosity and help them grow and learn in an enjoyable way. Make learning fun with activity and educational baby toys, from tummy time rolls and playmats for encouraging rolling, sitting and moving, to teething toys and baby rattles to stimulate their senses. It's also never too early to introduce story books and cuddly toys to help them to develop communication, emotions and socialisation skills. Read our blog post on how to make learning fun here.

What milestones should I look out for?

Your baby's firsts are amazing to watch. But from their first smile to their first words, every baby is different - so it's important that you don't compare your baby's milestones to other children's. However, it can be helpful to know when you can expect to see them reach their first milestones, so if your little one needs a helping hand along the way, you can encourage their development.

Generally, the first month will see your little one responding to sound, making eye contact and lifting their head. Some babies might start smiling at this age, or have the ability to follow objects around the room with their eyes.

In the second month, your baby may be able to make cooing sounds, follow objects and hold their head up for short periods. Some babies at this age can recognise voices and smile responsively.

At three months old, most babies can hold their head steady and recognise faces, some babies start to laugh and may be able to bring their hands together.

In the fourth month, most babies can bear weight on their legs and coo. Some babies can reach out and grasp objects and might start to cut their first tooth.

At five months, many babies can roll over from their tummy to their back and often play with their own feet and hands. Some babies may sit for a short while without support.

In their sixth month in the world, most babies can imitate sounds and are ready for solid foods. Some babies may start crawling or recognising their own name.

What are the benefits of a baby playmat?

Baby playmats are perfect to help with your child's development, and are a fun way to stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage them to reach for objects. Playmats are often used by parents wanting to keep their children safe whilst they're learning to roll and develop. Typically, playmats are brightly coloured, so they also help to stimulate their senses. The main benefits of letting your little one play on an activity mat are to improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, stimulate senses and to give them an interesting addition to their daily routine. Discover how to encourage learning through play here.

Can I personalise my baby gift?

We've got an adorable range of baby gifts, including personalised presents for a variety of occasions. Whether you're looking for a personalised birthday gift or the perfect keepsake for a Christening or other special occasion, discover our entire collection of personalised baby gifts here.

What can I give a new parent?

Buying for new parents can be an intimidating challenge, but it doesn't have to be. You don't have to spend a fortune, or think of something original to get something new parents will really love. Remember that new parents, particularly first-time mothers and fathers, are often worn out and just looking for some support, so buying new parent presents that helps with day-to-day life is one of the best ways to brighten up their lives. Getting new parents care packages, or premade hampers can put a smile on any new parents face, and you don't have to worry about making it up yourself.

Which are the best toys for a new baby?

Newborn gifts are great at helping to spread some love, whether you're looking for something unique for your own new baby or you're shopping for relatives and friends. From books to soft toys, lots of new baby gifts can be cherished forever. There are a host of toys and gifts available for newborn, but the most popular by far continue to be cuddly soft toys, teethers and comforters. This selection of newborn toys have stood the test of time, and can be given all year round. There are lots of innovative new baby gifts and toys but, a cuddly soft toy is sure to bring years of fun.