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Mamas & Papas Prams – 40 Years of Helping Parents

Mamas & Papas Prams – 40 Years of Helping Parents

Did you know that Mamas & Papas prams have been around for over 40 years? We’re so thrilled to have been helping parents with our award-winning baby products for this time that we wanted to share some highlights with you. We know that for many families a reliable, affordable and sturdy pram is a must and you’ll see from our look below that this is something that we have been passionate about developing throughout our 40-year lifespan. 

We recently asked our customers to share their favourite Mamas and Papas memories with us on social media and it’s been so wonderful to be reminded of how much we have been part of your lives. We wanted to share a little nostalgia with you and maybe even jog a few fond memories for you too – so we raided our photo albums to check out vintage Mamas & Papas pram products; so take a stroll down memory lane with us.

1995 – Tracy shared with us a pram that she has had for over 25 years – and it is still going strong. The longevity of our products is something super important to us and seeing this pram still complete with its sunshade, changing bag and rain cover warmed our hearts. Tracey tells us she used it for all four of her children between 1995 and 2001, and that it holds such great memories for her that she can’t bear to part with it.



1998 – Joanne shared with us her past Mamas and Papas brand loyalty, explaining that she owned both the Zoom and the Urbo travel system for her children. They’re all aged between 7 and 24 now, but she tells us that she used Mamas & Papas prams for them all – and look at that vintage print, it just screams 1990s.



1999 – We loved seeing this pram owned by Elizabeth. What we loved most was hearing that she bought it when her oldest son was born in 1999 but she’s been able to use it for her new baby even after all these years later- we’re thrilled whenever we hear our prams standing the test of time.



2001 – Shona not only has a Mamas & Papas pram, but she has also made great use of her car seat too. She may have bought it in 2001 but she’s also been able to use it more recently for her newborn – how wonderful.



2002 – Of course, not everyone can keep their prams forever but that doesn’t mean they go to waste. Beth shared with us this photo, which is a second-hand pram that she recently purchased. She chose this one because she loves the vintage style and the colours stood out – she says her baby loves it and finds it so comfortable to spend time in; which absolutely thrilled our design team.



2006 – This one might have been purchased in 2006, but owner Tal made use of it a few years later in 2011 as you can see here. She loved the three-in-one design because she wanted a parent-facing pram.



2012 – Claire bought the Luna pram in 2012 because of how spacious it was. However, she comments on how easy it is to fold up and how compact it folds down too. She chose the Luna because her son was tall and she wanted something that would allow him room to grow. The fact she used it years later when he was up and walking is a great testament to just how important choosing the right pram is for your long-term needs.



2021 – As well as looking back at your memories, we looked at our own archives too. We wanted to take a look at the prams you’ve loved over recent years. In 2012 our very own Strada Pram took the Best Pram Design award and our Ocarro Pram may have been around since 2016 but it proves to be a family favourite even now.



We’re so proud of the fact that we took home a massive 10 awards between 2019 and 2021, showing that our hard work in creating the perfect all-round, all terrain pram is paying off.

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