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All about Mamas & Papas Soft Toys

All about Mamas & Papas Soft Toys

Here at Mamas & Papas, we’re keen to make sure that we provide the best products for you and your baby – which is why all of our baby soft toys have their own back story. We love each and every member of our Mamas & Papas soft toy collection including our very own Geoffrey Giraffe, which is a firm favourite with little ones. The story behind each of our fun characters comes from a different place – and we wanted to share that with you. We caught up with the Mamas & Papas design so we could share with you each story of how these little soft toys came to be.

Our newest soft toy range Grateful Garden takes inspiration from a number of places and even our Welcome to the world Geoffrey Giraffe has a backstory filled with wonder. We know that soft toys hold a special place in many people’s hearts, which is why we wanted stories that would enchant people of all ages. 

When we start to look at new collection ideas each season, we search everywhere for ideas and inspiration. The team put together mood boards, share fabric samples, draw sketches of their ideas and bounce around what they think could work. They seek out colours from various places, test out textures and ensure that every single toy we put out there is one that your child will love – whether that is a newborn cuddly toy or a toy based on a learning activity, they’re all made with love and passion.



Once the ideas are in place with our team, they start to work together to bring their ideas to life. This often starts with hand-making the first soft toy to see how it feels, what shapes work and what size it should be. Product developers get involved to make sure the designs are perfect, adding in extra elements to ensure that every toy we create ticks every y single box. Everyone on the team understands the high standards that are expected from Mamas & Papas products and everyone works towards the same common goal. 

Of course, it isn’t just about what looks good when it comes to Mamas & Papa's soft toys, safety is at the top of the list too. We ensure that everything is not only tested for harmful chemicals but is BPA-free. Geoffrey and his friends undergo a pull test to make sure nothing is able to come loose, even when being handled by your baby. Once this is all done and everything is complete our soft toys can start to make their way into your homes – all to the highest standard and the most beautiful, soft toys for you and your baby to love.



Main Characters

Geoffrey Giraffe – Arguably the most well-known member of the Mamas & Papas family is Geoffrey Giraffe, from our Welcome to the World collection. He’s designed to fit in perfectly with your newborns nursery, whilst adding a modern but cosy feel to the room.

Archie Elephant – Made with the softest faux fur, Archie is also our Welcome to the World Collection. He’s got some incredible matching elephant print accessories and matching grey interior design options too.

Larry Lamb – Suitable for a newborn, Larry is perhaps the softest member of our Welcome to the World family. His lovely cream colouring means he’ll fit in at home in pretty much any nursery.

Ziggy Zebra – Soft colouring, neutral greys and lovely white print means that this ultra-snuggly faux fur animal is one that your newborn will love to cuddle. 

Monty Monkey – Playful, snuggly and soft in equal measure Monty Monkey is adorable and will fit right in at home in your baby’s nursery.

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