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What is Life Like with an Ocarro Pram?

What is Life Like with an Ocarro Pram?

Hi – I’m Grace. I have two children – Ezra aged 3 and Etta who is 2 months old. I took my time when it came to choosing a pram because I wanted to be sure I would get it right, after all, it is such a massive part of your everyday life. When I found out I was pregnant with Etta I knew that I needed to change my pram for something that would be easier to navigate – I wanted something lighter to lift in and out of the car, easy to push and something that could be put up easily. When I was asked to review the Ocarro I was excited to see if it would live up to its reputation – and it really did. I wanted to share with you how much it has helped and how easily it has fit into my daily routine as a mum of two.



7:30am – The Morning

Believe it or not, I had a lie in until 7:30 today. My husband works from home so he got up with Ezra and I was able to snooze until Etta woke me at 7:30. We started our bed in bed having a feed and then I headed downstairs for breakfast and of course, coffee. The two children played together while I expressed that it was time to get us all ready to leave the house and head to the playgroup.

9:15am – Leaving the house

One of the things I love most about the Ocarro is how compact it is, which means it’s easy to leave in the boot of my car and know it is there when I need it. I pack my changing bag in the evening, with plenty of snacks and water so I know I can just grab it and leaving the house is made as hassle-free as possible.



9:30am – Parking Troubles

When I arrived at the playgroup there was no easy parking outside, which could have been something I’d have worried about in the pace. Thankfully as I can get the Ocarro set up and on the move quickly, we all managed to avoid any stress and headed to the playgroup – with everything we needed safely tucked around in the pram basket.

11:00 – Head Back To the Car

As often happens after playgroup, Ezra is knackered and demands to be carried. Believe it or not, it’s possible to push the Ocarro with one hand and carry a tired toddler under the other arm. It seems impossible but the pram is so nimble that it’s easy to navigate one-handed, even up and down kerbs. I get to the car and quickly fold it away, getting both kids in the car with little fuss.

11:45am – Shopping Time

Although there is little chance to simply pop to the shop with two kids, I did need some shopping so that’s where we headed next. Etta was sleeping but thankfully the car seat adapters fit with the Cybex car seat I already had – which means I can simply lift her out of the car, leave her sleeping and pop her safely onto the Ocarro ready to navigate the shops – first on the list, a birthday cake for granddad

12:30pm – Birthday lunch

We arrived at granddads and had birthday lunch – everyone had a great time and I love the relationship my kids have with him.

2pm – Nap time

Etta is ready for a sleep, so I get her into the carrycot of the pram where I know she can sleep easily and safely. The front release handle means I can lift her off easily and take her into the house without waking her up.

3:30 pm – An Afternoon Walk

The sun is shining and we’ve all had massive slices of granddad's birthday cake, so it’s time for a walk around where my granddad lives. Admittedly the paths around here are uneven but if I am honest the Ocarro (and the buggy board attached) handle it with ease.

5:30pm – Winding down

We’re home just in time for some dinner, a catch-up with daddy and then a bath and bed.



I hope this little glimpse into my day has helped you decide if the Ocarro pram is the right one for you.


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